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Mama Said is a collection of beautiful true stories about motherhood, written by a group of women who manage to be insanely creative, strong and truthful whilst also managing to bring up little people. As soon as I had my first Skype chat with Tiffiney, who conceived and edited the project, I knew it was something I definitely had to be involved with, and the finished book is a testament to all the women involved. From pregnant vipassana to surrogacy to shitting yourself post-birth; it’s funny, painfully honest, and a reassuringly frank reminder to new mothers that they are definitely not alone.

Right from the outset Tiffiney knew that she wanted an informal, artistic feel to the book design and layout, so I started by setting up custom page templates using hand-drawn dividers and page numbers to achieve a subtle ‘craft’ element that appeared on every page. I included some hand-drawn illustrations and watercolour backgrounds to add a playful, childlike touch, and each chapter is complemented by some stunning full page photographs of the mothers and their babies. I completed the page designs with brush fonts for chapter titles, author biographies and image overlays, which consolidated the ‘craft’ feeling of the overall book design and contrasted beautifully with the traditional serif font of the body text.

We produced both print and e-book versions of Mama Said, both of which are available to buy here

book design e-book design layout print graphic design

  • Clare thank you so much. I literally cannot imagine this project without you. You were so much more than a designer–you literally breathed life into this project.

    You cared like it was your own baby and put in above and beyond at every turn.

    I had total confidence that you understood my vision and by standing back and getting out of your way–you created a magic I didn’t know was possible. Your finished product was beyond my hopes.

    I hope to do many projects with you in the future.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making “Mama Said” the beautiful book that it is.


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