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My business was forged from passion and wanderlust; a way to sustain my street-food-and-beers habit doing what I loved whilst I wandered through South East Asia, Mexico, Europe and New Zealand. A graduate in Design for Visual Communication and former agency Art Director, I have built Ink & Honey from a side-hustle run from hostel bars and balconies to a comprehensive design studio offering bespoke visual branding and website design for freedom seeking, fearless creative female founders.   

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I believe in creating a life built around the                    of doing something you are wildly passionate about.


My job is to take that passion, that spark at the heart of your brand and to weave it into every facet of your visual identity so that you can crack on with taking over the world, safe in the knowledge that your branding is captivating your audience in their own love language.





Creative Director


The first night in a new city, the smell of clean laundry, new pyjamas, the ocean, string lights, bookshops, hot pizza and cold wine, sunny winter mornings, a good font pairing, a long hike and a Sunday pub lunch.   

A few of my favourite things...


You'll find me being a mama to my one-year-old baby boy Jackson, exploring new places every chance I get, sharing a cheeseboard and a bottle of wine with my girls or getting lost in a good book. 

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A little back story...

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I was born in Yorkshire, UK although I've also lived in Vietnam, New Zealand and London. Never really enamoured by the traditional path, I founded Ink & Honey whilst backpacking through SE Asia, Central America and Europe, and have since taken it from side hustle to full time gig.

Love note

“First time I have actually enjoyed the process of working with a designer. Clare seems to ask just the right questions to get to know your business and does her magic of translating that into visuals that truly represent what you do

The name Ink & Honey is about creating big things from small and elemental beginnings. The ink in which every great novel is printed. The bee that takes pollen and makes honey. The spark of an idea that is the beginning of every creative business.

That spark, and the wildly passionate business owners that carry it – that is my why. That is my beginning.

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